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Pura Luhur Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

Tanah Lot is claimed to be the work of the 16th-century Dang Hyang Nirartha. During his travels along the south seacoast he saw the rock-island's beautiful setting and made a decision to rest there. Some fishermen saw him, and bought him gifts. Nirartha then spent the night on the little island. Later he talked to the fishermen and informed them to build a shrine in the rock, for he felt it to be a holy spot to worship the Balinese ocean gods. The primary deity of the temple is Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara, who is the sea god or sea power and these days, Nirartha is also worshipped here. The Tanah Lot temple was built and has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple isone of seven sea temples around the Balinese seacoast. Each of the sea temples began within eyesight of the next to form a chain along the south-western coast. In addition to Balinese mythology, the temple was significantly influenced by Hinduism. At the base of the rocky island, venomous sea snake

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